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Greetings from Pastor Kerry, former pastor of Spring City UMC. This blog contains my sermon outlines and/or manuscripts from my pastorate among the people of Spring City PA, from 2006 to 2011. Pastor Dennis is now the lighthouse keeper. Come and worship on Sundays at 10:00 a.m.!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lent 2: Jesus Thirsts

February 28, 2010
Second Sunday of Lent

The Suffering Savior’s Agonizing Thirst
Jesus said, “I am thirsty.”
John 19:28

My sermon outline:

• I used to love the TV show ER, young doctors were always asked Why do you want to be a doctor? And pretty much the answer was always the same: I want to help people.
Teachers give the same answer to the question Why? I want to make a difference.
Racecar drivers Why? I want to drive fast :)
These desires, these thirsts fuel & motivate people.

& actually it’s important to have desire & thirst... just a few days to die w/o water... a great problem after natural disasters is fresh water supply. Many of world’s ills could be bettered by access to clean water. But that’s an aside.

• Jesus’ thirst. Keep in mind it was through thirst of people that Jesus’ first miracle occurred... turning water into wine (good wine) at the wedding of Cana. (Remember that Jesus’ ministry began with good wine). This first miracle indicates Jesus’ divinity, shows him fully qualified to do the work of salvation, which only God can do.

And it was through Jesus’ own thirst that the woman at the well was touched (John 4), she & her village. Jesus’ human-ness is revealed in his thirst, showing him qualified to be our mediator (for if he were not human he could not stand in for humans).

• Jesus was physically thirsty after events leading up to crucifixion... where along the way?
Last supper... praying in agony in garden... betrayed with a kiss... arrested at night.
Taken to Caiaphas’ house where... early in the morning he was condemned...
Taken to Pilate’s palace, then Herod’s, then back to Pilate’s, mocked and beaten.
Unjustly sentenced, severely beaten (i.e. massive blood loss)...
Carried cross (75 lbs? half a mile? From here to pretzel depot)

• Jesus longed for relationship with Father... (Canadian figureskater Joannie Rochette’s mom died Sunday and she skated on Tuesday, earned bronze medal... longed to share moment. Imagine any performer anxiously scanning audience for a last minute glimpse from mom or dad)

Jesus had given it all up (Philippians 2:5-7 made himself nothing, taking form of servant)

Jesus thirsts for divine blessing.

• Jesus thirsts for salvation of a lost world...

John 12:27 Jesus speaks to his own troubled heart, and steels himself up: this is why I came... to redeem the lost. (also 1 Timothy 1:15)

Desire to finish act of salvation kept Jesus faithful at temptation (a goal motivates and strengthens us)...

Desire to finish act of salvation kept Jesus faithful when ridiculed by townsfolk, dissuaded by disciples.

Desire to finish act of salvation kept Jesus from saying No in the garden of Gethsemane or on the cross... helped Jesus to complete the task, to drink the Father’s cup (John 18:11), to drink the sour wine on the cross (remember the good wine at the beginning).

• Jesus thirsts for fellowship
... with God (My God why have you forsaken me... next week)
... with disciples, who’d abandoned him
... with YOU (Revelation 3:20 I stand at the door and knock...) (that’s why he came)

• per Isaiah 55 it is in God alone that the thirsting of our souls are satisfied

• Remember the wedding feast at Cana and the good wine there? We want that to be a full celebration. Let’s get people to it!

• Hymn 452 My Faith Looks Up to Thee

- Pastor Kerry

This Sunday: 65 in worship.


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