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Greetings from Pastor Kerry, former pastor of Spring City UMC. This blog contains my sermon outlines and/or manuscripts from my pastorate among the people of Spring City PA, from 2006 to 2011. Pastor Dennis is now the lighthouse keeper. Come and worship on Sundays at 10:00 a.m.!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Life in Christ

June 20, 2010
Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

Father’s Day

Life in Christ
You all belong to the family of God through faith in Jesus Christ. – Galatians 3:26

My sermon outline:

• 3:24: Law was disciplinarian. Contemporary negative image of disciplinarian. punisher, but in our time and Paul’s, discipline is good and proper, and in Paul’s time Disciplinarian had to do with instruction, raising up a person right. Paul saying Law = disciplinarian is not a bad thing.

Guy in traffic wants directions to Carnegie Hall… practice (discipline. effort, time, will. regular repeated behavior becomes learned natural). 1 hr/20 days >> 20 hrs/1 day

Knee surgery physical therapist. provides rigid and sometimes painful opposition for purpose of making right, of setting free.

• not beholden to non-life-givingsystem but life abundant in JC. (as opposed to may it go well with you)

• There is no longer Jew or Greek, Slave or free, male and female; all one in Christ Jesus. Abraham’s offspring, heirs. (3:28-29): Paul’s two points to end this section: Justified life, abundant life available to all, and, well, available to all.

Story of man and son in auto accident… gospel open to all

Story of me and father and anesthesiology… gospel for individuals.

• Gift of God that none may boast.

• Gift of love invitational, become children of God, heirs where earlier you couldn’t become an heir, that was by birth only.

• Hymn 408 Gift of Love

- Pastor Kerry

This Sunday: 60 in worship.


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